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This page showcases some of the events we have put on and the brilliant Discovery Bugs that got involved!

Survival Science  

We explored scientific methods behind survival techniques such as:

  • filtering water;

  • making compasses;

  • making arrows and catapults;

  • bug hunts

  • den design.

Kitchen Science 

We had fun with science experiments, using everyday food

and drink, such as:

  • examining magic milk;

  • making sherbert;

  • making (and eating..) edible slime;

  • colouring eggs using kitchen products;

  • making fizzy lemonade.;

  • creating lava lamps.

Nature Science 

We explored the natural world which included:

  • using magnifying glasses to examine organisms in leaf litter;

  • observing woodlice behaviour;

  • examining beak types;

  • making bird feeder and bug hotels;

  • looking at real stick insects

Space Science 

We ventured into Space for a day by:

  • looking at asteroid impact;

  • designing and firing rockets;

  • tasting astronaut food; 

  • considering astronaut challenges;

  • making galaxy slime.

Weather Science

We learnt about the science behind weather systems by:

  • making tornadoes;

  • making rain clouds;

  • looking at rainbow experiments

  • studying mini sparks

  • making fluffy cloud slime.

The Science of Dragons -

Fire and Flight

This was such an enjoyable workshop where children and..ahem...some parents were able to investigate how dragons may have made and controlled fire. They were actually allowed to play with fire...and make it change colour!

Then we explored how dragons would be able to fly by considering their bones and wing design. Everyone made their own dragon puppet, wing mechanism or flying paper dragon to take away!

Author of the Sammy Rambles books, Jenny, also joined us with her books and dragons!

Halloween Havoc

Today we decided to celebrate halloween with some rather gory science activities! The children made witches brew - a green fizzy potion in a cauldron; dissolved blood covered zombie brains; made halloween themed slime - a choice of Ectoplasm slime (green), Blood slime (red) or Mutant Spider slime (black)!

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