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Workshops and after school clubs

Discovery Bug workshops offer unique and educational science

activities to groups of curious kids (schools, youth club,

holiday programme, Scouts, Brownies etc) using a combination

of demonstrations and interactive experiments that will get

children inspired and excited! We can also come to your school

and offer a science club after school for your pupils - for as

many weeks as suits the school.

Many of the topics covered link in with KS1/KS2 topics,and can

be even be extended to KS3 topics. If you have a particular

subject you would like covered, Discovery Bugs can work

with you to design and deliver a unique programme.






Here are just some examples of some of the sessions we can offer, either through daytime workshops or after school science club at your school:

  • Interesting Bodies - a look at real organs (heart/lung/kidney) via dissections and a chance to examine real animal hearts (yr5/6)

  • General fun science – Example activities - lava lamps, fizzy potions, elephants toothpaste, slime making (yr 3-6)

  • General fun science infants – Example activities -  fizzy potions, rainbow potions, fake snow volcanoes, giant bubbles,

  • Fizzy bubbles - a popular sessions looking at the science behind bubbles and ending with giant bubbles (need outdoor space) and coke/mentoes demo (all years)

  • Disgusting digestion - an interactive session looking at the (messy) process of digestion culminating in making 'poo' slime (yr 3-6)

  • Venture into space – making fizzing asteroids, firing rockets and making galaxy slime (yr 3-6)

  • Silly Science – using springs to launch objects, elephants toothpaste reaction, blowing up balloons with household substances and making slime. (y r3-6)

  • Food Monsters Feast – making ice cream, observing rainbows using skittles making sherbert and lemonade, edible slime (microwave needed) (all years)

  • Crime Scene Investigation – learning fingerprinting techniques, paper chromatography, chemical analysis and DNA extraction (all years)

  • Divine slime – learning about the science of making a good slime, followed by making different types of slime (choices include fluffy, galaxy, ocean, sand, glow in the dark, chalkboard thermochromic, magnetic) – A slime stall is great for a summer or Christmas fair too!! (all years)

  • Hubble Bubble Potion Trouble – explore reactions through colourful fizzing potions, colour changing potions, and making goblin snot (glow in the dark slime)

"Came and ran an entire evening for our scout group absolutely fantastic. Five to fifteen year olds all left mesmerised."

James Parker  Scout Leader

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